Moje torbičarke

Revija Ona je organizirala tečaj za izdelavo ženske torbice Moja torbica, za vse slovenske ženske, pod mentorstvom slovenskih oblikovalcev.

what’s in my bag

Fensišmensi see through bag

sejem tabor

V parku Tabor danes danes do osmih zvečer poteka nadvse prijeten sejem. To so utrinki z dveh najlepših stojnic. –  –  – There is a nice art market […]

handbag stories

My only vintage bag. I like the shape of it and the fact that it belonged to my grandmother. Lovely Miss Venere from Furla I bought for a […]

Artmarket Farewell

2nd October 2010 is going to be the last Artmarket saturday this year. I am thinking for me, maybe even the last one ever. I’ll decide next year.

a journey of a bag

Thank you for all your congrats, lovely words and wishes in the previous posts. I am so grateful for your words and so happy to be a part […]

the finalists

Do Oninega festivala, na ogled v izložbi Maximarketa. On display at Maximarket.

Furla Express

Who doesn’t love a great unpacking? Not shore though, if it is good for me to know that Furla ships to Slovenia and that it ships that fast. I […]