Handmade bags and purses

Small edition handmade bags and purses, handprinted and dyed designs that boost moods and incite positivity.


The core

Joy, Playfulness and Optimism

Fensišmensi wants to contribute to users wellbeing, through everyday items, using colour combinations, prints and fabrics, to boost ones mood and positivity. A simple polka dot coin purse that encapsulates joy, playfulness and optimism.

Est. 2006

The Story

Fensišmensi begun as a hobby and evolved into a small business. In 2006 the brand was created.

It’s a small, “one man brand”. All products, bags and coin purses, are produced by hand and locally in Slovenia, by Ana Hribar.

Fensišmensi produces limited of products. Colors and patterns are hand dyed and screen printed on cotton canvas, with water based colors. Bags and coin purses are made in small batches and are, at the moment, sold online only.

The Author

Ana Hribar

Ana Hribar (41) lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with her daughter Polina. Beside keeping a regular job and creating for Fensišmensi, she does photography projects. Her work was featured in two books. Almira Sadar’s Oblikujmo z Almiro Sadar (Designing with Almira Sadar) and a cookbook Zlahka (Easily), written by Valentina Smej Novak and Luka Novak.

You can also visit her long famous blog.

The Name


Fensišmensi pronounces as /fansɪˈʃmansi/. The name of the brand is written as pronounced in Slovenian language.