Yesterday I saw the Black Swan. The thought of loosing control over once mind like this, gives me the creeps.

I remembered this one time, and this is my little confession too, we had to read Molière’s Tartuffe for school and I just couldn’t get myself to read it. In a desperate situation of having to write an excerpt for homework the next day (and this was in pre internet era), I accepted three free tickets to a ballet of Tartuffe, that they just happen to play on that very evening. A few minutes into the show, I realized, that my excerpt wasn’t going to take shape based on dancing tutus, so I purchased the Ballet’s book, which also didn’t provide the necessary content I needed.

I still can’t remember how I passed the homework thing, as I wasn’t really a person who would copy notes from classmates, but that time I probably did. At the end I succeeded in giving the teacher the impression, I have read Tartuffe. Mentioning I saw a ballet based on it, probably gave me some extra credit too. Perfection hah?

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  • jaz sem ga gledala predvčerajšnjim in me je čisto navdušil…
    ko se je končal je bila moja prva misel “That is one f***** up movie”,
    v dobrem smislu seveda! In potem malo berem naokoli in vidim,
    da je en kritik dal zelo podobno izjavo… 🙂
    Še danes razmišljam o filmu… mislim, da ga bom pogledala kar še

  • Hello there 🙂
    I found your blog a month ago and I love it, specially because I love Ljubljana and I hope I’ll visit it this year.
    And yes, can’t wait to visit that restaurant in Novi Sad that you recommended.

    All the best,


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