Bali 2010: Day Thirteen: Fischer Fritz fischt frische fische

We got up early to catch Jimbaran’s fish market. Winter is a low fishing season. The Swordfish we dropped our chins at, is a small catch. In summer, they catch fish like that, weighing 150 kilos, this one had about 40.

Beach front in the afternoon is a prime time and place to be. I like that it is not just the place for tourists. Local people like to play football, young families come to play with children, walk their dogs, fly kites. And I mustn’t forget the beach sellers. They sell just about anything. You can clothe yourself, decorate your apartment, eat, drink, get massages, pedicure, manicure, overpaint the nails or listen to live music being played to you. Well, this is certainly not a Bali special, but I forget every time I visit this places, that the beach is not a very serene place.

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