Bali 2010: Day Eleven: Went to Sanur and came to Seminyak

We made a plan to go to Sanur after Ubud, but when we came there, we couldn’t find a vacant room. Ok, there was one for $ 980 US. So we ended up back in Seminyak. We rented beach chairs for a day and enjoy some more of the beach life. Than we had one of those conversations: ”We should have stayed in Ubud a bit longer.” ”Yea, we should have.” ”Why didn’t you say anything?” ”Why didn’t you say anything?”

We took some group photos with indonesian tourists again. You know, indonesian people come from other parts of the country, usually from very remote places with no tourists, to see tourists and they ask you to have a photo taken with them. That is so funny to me. And I think they like really tall people and blond people. I guess Mišo and I are two flies in one swing.

P.S. I got my braces removed yesterday. Feels strange, but good. I am smiling smiling.

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