Bali 2010: Day Ten: Masakan Padang

Masakan Padang. I love saying that. Masakan Padang. Although the focus is not on this restaurant. We went trekking to Mt. Batur (1717 m). Leaving at 3 a.m. and trekking from 4 to 6, early enough to wait for the sunrise. Mišo pointed out a couple (of two women) getting engaged and I thought it was very romantic to do it on Mt. Batur at sunrise. Than I remembered it was Valentine’s day. Silly me. Mountin on the picture (far right) is Mt. Agung, the highest vulcano in Bali at 3.142 meters. Writing anything else, might be telling a secret.

We stopped at a coffee plantage on our way back. Bali coffee or Bali kopi, is good. We tried male coffee, bali cocoa, ginseng coffee (very goooood), ginger tea, and lemon grass tea. I don’t know why we didn’t try the Luwak coffee. But I know why we didn’t buy it. At a price of 50 EUR per 100 grams, it has to be the most expensive in the world. Maybe next time. Our driver provided us with a match mind game. If you legs don’t work anymore, your head still might, right?

Every day we passed this one shop that looked deserted. A small shop, with dusty display window, it’s outside shelves covered with old and dirty newspapers. It looked like the owner has died and no one came back to take care of the shop. But no. The shop was open that day and this old lady in a red shirt was sitting in front of it. She looked happy just sitting there and like the last thing she sold was like ten years ago. But there was something about her. When I asked her if I could take a picture of her, she gracefully nodded.

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