Bali 2010: Day Six: East and West

Some things in some places just don’t feel right. A few of them are pizza on indonesian menu, Balinese dancers dancing latino-american steps on Ricky Martin, Balinese people wishing you happy Valentine’s day, when it’s not in your culture to celebrate it and even giving you honeymoon discounts, when you are not on your honeymoon. A grande latte, iced mocha or a tuna puff is enough of the western world in Asia for me.

Last year, I was almost a part of a money changer scam. Mišo was just telling me how they give you small notes when you change money (one euro than being worth 14.500 indonesian rupias and they give you 20.000 rupias notes) and than when they count it, you count it and again they count it, they flipp the money on their lap so you don’t see  it. I was changing 200 EUR, so you can imagine the pile. We saw that this was a scam, when the money changer took the money to count it again and than I even saw him flipp it down, so we just walked away. First ask if they have big notes, than change it.

It’s a wet season now in Bali. We didn’t have much rain at all, but humidity was very high, it was even hot for the Balinese. I can’t imagine how hot this dressed dog must have been. Maybe they are used to the heat there and it’s just me thinking like a ”four season person”.

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