Sailor for life

Something has got me thinking, and I realised that the more I travel, the more I want to travel. It’s a neverending story. Not that you would ever want it to end, but it is something that you just don’t have a chek list for. Been to Thailand (twice) and still want some more. Been to Bali, and still want some more. Been to NYC (three times) and still want some more…

And after reading a story of Johan Pergeniuses Sailor, it was spot on. So simple and so true. Now one of the Sailors is sitting on my desk, looking outside and wondering; where should he sail next. Isn’t he cute, with his boat. I have a boat like that, you are just unable to see it.

“Sailor has been to many places and still longing for some more.”
Johan Pergenius

I know where I’m sailing next. I have been there already and I will have some more.

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