You don’t know what Crème brûlée is?

Popoldne prijetna čajanka z Michelo od Tinakele. Njenega zanimivega šala in torbice nisem mogla neposlikat. Zvečer pa presenečenje v nabiralniku. Revija Uppercase.

I realy didn’t have an answer for a question, what exactly is Crème brûlée. So my sister, very quietly, asked the lady who was serving us, what it was. And than, a loud voice came out of the ladies mouth; “You don’t know what Crème brûlée is?” There wasn’t enough space to hide under the table, so we made a quick order. It’s fattening, that what it is.

I met Michela from Tinakela for tea. Check out her bag and shawl. And received Uppercase magazine.

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