The Brand

Fensišmensi brand is about simple small coin purses and bags, with a playful and uplifting colour and pattern choices.

The brand was established in 2006. It’s a small, one man brand. All products are produced by hand and locally in Slovenia, by Ana Hribar.

The Author

Ana Hribar (39) lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with her daughter Polina. Beside keeping a regular job and creating for Fensišmensi, she does photography projects. Her work was featured in two books. Almira Sadar’s “Oblikujmo z Almiro Sadar” (Designing with Almira Sadar) and a cookbook “Zlahka” (Easily), written by Valentina Smej Novak and Luka Novak.

fensismensi ana hribar 2018

fensismensi ana hribar 2018

If you wish, Fensišmensi is on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


Contact me at ana.fensismensi@gmail.com.